VMware Backup

  • Native VMware Incorporation

    Our services include support for the complete range of VMware ESX versions including 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, and 5.1. 5.5, to provide the most comprehensive support for your existing investment.

  • Real-Time VM Backups

    Experience near-real time backups for your running VMs with backup time as low as a minute.

  • Data Protection

    Our services include backup for a complete system down to a single file within your VM.

  • De-duplication

    The True Delta Technology used by MAX backup will automatically identify changed data while giving you near-real time backup down to the smallest level.

  • WAN Optimization

    The bandwidth throttling and automated process of reconnection ensures the quickest backup of image changes into the Cloud.

  • Hybrid-Cloud Backups

    We offer a unique hybrid backup for your data: your data can be saved to local storage as well as the Cloud to ensure the ultimate backup redundancy.

Our services are dedicated to protecting your valuable system at any cost while keeping the entire process of backup and recovery as simple and secure as possible. MAX backup for VMware ensures protection and backup of your VMs through reliable and secure cloud-based backup.


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