• Complete Backup

    Backup services offered by Networks 360 cover the diverse assortment of platforms, OS and applications, giving you easy access to reliable backup recovery.

  • Local Backup Storage

    Your complete system can be secured through redundant backup in Local Speed Vault (LSV) or Storage Area Network (SAN) for increased efficiency and reliability.

  • Hybrid-Cloud Approach

    Backups are saved to the Cloud and, optionally, to local storage - giving you instant backup redundancy.

Recovery Features

  • Simple, Automated Recovery

    There are no complications involved in our backup recovery services and you can be sure of complete data retrieval though an intelligent recovery system.

  • Cloud-Based Recovery

    Our cloud-based recovery model boosts our capacity to recover your system, data and applications.

  • Hybrid Recovery

    With a Hybrid Recovery system, you will have the peace of mind that your system can be recovered in any situation.

Now you can get onsite and offsite recovery with a single backup solution. Often onsite recovery only works with onsite backup, while an internet connection is deemed necessary for offsite Cloud-based recovery solutions. Now you can have the ultimate recovery solution that works both onsite and offsite, giving you the most reliable and fastest business continuity.


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