At Networks 360 we understand that your business does not stop running when you go home, hence our team will stay up at night so you may have a piece of mind. We will monitor your network and servers and insure that they running effectively and consistently. Geared with robust and effective MAX you will get real time monitoring of your system preventing any technical mishap.What we offer:

  • Great Value - Pay only for features you need.
  • Cloud based - hardware free operations.
  • Easy to use - save time and money.
  • Complete support and services.

We cover all the integral parts your system;

Our core monitoring and maintenance services include:
  • Remote server monitoring.
  • Cloud app monitoring.
  • Workstations monitoring.
  • SNMP monitoring.
  • VM monitoring.
  • Mobile monitoring.
  • Website monitoring.


826 New Territory Blvd #713
Sugar Land, TX 77479


Phone : 832-740-4444

Fax : 281-271-8404

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